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Comikaze Expo!

I was at Comikaze Expo yesterday in a preview of my Daenerys cosplay (still have some detail work, my shoulder pauldron, and the dragons to finish). Boy, was it packed! The line to get inside was insane! Remember in my last journal entry how I said it better stay warm in September for this costume? Well, apparently irony decided to be fickle because it was 103 degrees in downtown LA! I honestly thought my make-up was going to sweat off before I got in. Thankfully, I eventually got inside to beautiful, beautiful A/C and a quick trip to the rest room for touch-ups fixed that. First thing, I got to meet Stan Lee. He even gave my friend a birthday hug! Also got a signed copy of The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle- that movie was a very beloved part of my childhood. I missed Jhonen Vasquez (he was signing while I was trying to get in) but I guess we can't get everything in life. I'll just have to catch up with him at a different con. The cosplay there looked awesome and I got a nice shot with another GoT/ASoIaF cosplayer, which I will totally be Photoshoping because we look too awesome for an exhibit hall background!

My next planned con will be Anime LA in January. I'll be wearing Izumi for the FMA gathering and June from A:TLA. No new cosplays until next summer, but that's so I have plenty of time to complete Daenerys and another new one for AX and Comic Con!

Until next time, here are a couple preview shots of my Daenerys costumeCollapse )

Izumi Photos and Future Plans!

So, I have pretty much all the good Izumi photos from AX edited! It was loads of fun! One of the highlights was several people asking if the dreadlocks were real. I'll take that as a complement towards my improvement in wig styling! Unfortunately, I realized while Photoshopping that I painted her tattoo on the wrong side both days (my perfectionist self is sulking right now) so let's just ignore that for now. I found a couple great locations in Temescal Canyon for a photoshoot, so I'll fix that mistake when I get around to it... hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks. It depends on my work schedule. I was also planning to wear Izumi again to Anime L.A. in January, so look out for her at future cons as well.

Speaking of future cons, one of my friends recently told me about Comikaze Con in September. Both Stan Lee and Jhonen Vasquez will be there... I'm totally sold! Even before I found out about the cheap price (seriously, 12 bucks a day!) So, I'll be back at the L.A. Convention Center for that one. I've already started getting together materials for Daenerys season two desert outfit. September better stay warm this year! I'll wear that one to Comikaze, and maybe bring it out again for ALA or AX 2013.

I'm super excited-can't-wait-for September! This year's shaping up to be a very productive cosplay year!

Until next time, here are my AX Izumi photos!Collapse )

AX News!

It's been a busy summer so far... but between dealing with bed bug infestation number two (fucking bed bugs...), sickness caused by stress from said infestation (have I mentioned how much I hate bed bugs?), and a new job, I still managed to finish my Izumi costume. The wig looks great! I'm very proud of it! I'm only planning to be at AX tomorrow for the FMA cosplay gathering... but I also have Sunday off, so I'm still undecided on whether to go an extra day or not. I guess I'll see how traffic and parking are tomorrow before I make a final decision.

Until next time, here are a couple cute pictures of my cat!Collapse )

Cosplay and Fanfic News

Cosplay is going very well this year... I just need to set in the sleeves for Izumi's travel jacket, finish the white top, and do some minor fine tuning on the wig. Dreadlocks are AMAZINGLY easy to style since I don't have to worry about tangles! On a downside, I just found out the X Games will be going on at the same time as AX this year (stupid summer Olympics pushing up the date *grumble*), so I will only be going as Izumi since make-up and assembly for her costume is somewhat minimal. This is so I can leave insanely early to find parking and navigate between closed off streets. I will also only be going for two days rather than my usual three or four.

In fanfic related news, I didn't post up the Kenshin oneshot I finished because I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking of breaking down and finally searching out a beta reader since I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with it. Also a lot of my writing creativity has been sucked up by two unposted works: one is a dark FMA EdxWin three-shot that I've reached the final part on, and the other is a VERY long Avatar:TLA AU series where the finale ended badly for the heroes. Seriously, I've written out over 10 chapters for the Avatar story and so far my outline maps out at least fifty chapters, possibly more since I keep getting ideas for it. *pulls on hair* Why can't I channel this energy on my posted WIPs? I don't want to post another WIP without finishing the ones I already have up... but this Avatar story is tempting me...

News and Another Anime LA Photo!

School's out for summer! But now I really need to get a job (unemployment doesn't last forever) so that's my first priority. In regards to my fanworks, I do have an old RuroKen oneshot of Himura family fluff that I want to edit and post up around Mother's Day. I'm also still working on my Izumi cosplay for AX when I can.

Until then, here's another Anime LA shot of my June cosplay!Collapse )

Inuyasha Oneshot

An old tribute to my favorite Inuyasha character that was long overdue. I’ll admit, I lost interest in the series for a while after chapter 374… but I came back eventually and this oneshot was sort of my catharsis at the time. I also wanted to experiment writing descriptions through a sense other than vision. Despite it origins… I actually ended up having a lot of fun with this one. Enjoy!

Title: Chains of Freedom

Author: Kenkaya

Genre(s): Angst/Spiritual

Type: Oneshot, character study

Rating: PG, K+

Pairings: SessxKagura and SessxRin

Summary: Ch 374 Spoilers. Kagura knew she wouldn’t go to Heaven or Hell… no, those were purely human notions. And what earthly sentiments could possibly bind the wind?

Dying had been the single most painful, but also liberating, moment of Kagura’s life...Collapse )

Disclaimer: The Inuyasha characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and many corporate someones who aren't me.

Quick Update

This is just a quick heads-up to let people know that I'm planning to post my Inuyasha oneshot sometime this weekend. Finals are only a week away, and I've been busy doing projects while simultaneously dealing with a little infestation (words cannot express my loathing for bed bugs right now). After all this is dealt with, I'll focus my attention back on cosplay and my multi-chaptered fics.

Until then!

RuroKen Oneshot!

Here's the RuroKen oneshot I finished. This is a scene I always imagined happened off-panel… so, I guess you can say this is my own personal head-canon. This also a bit of a peace offering to Aoshi since I realized he seems to either come off badly or get the short end of the stick in my other fics. I don’t hate his character. Really! Here’s the proof!

Title: Hanakotoba: The Language of Flowers

Author: Kenkaya

Genre: Drama/Spiritual

Type: Oneshot, post Jinchuu/Revenge Arc

Rating: K+/PG

Pairing: Hints of AoshixMisao, but nothing overt…

Summary: On the way home from Tokyo, Aoshi and Misao make a slight detour...

Japanese summers were beautiful, but hot and humid, completely unsuitable for cross-country travel...Collapse )

Disclaimer: The characters of Rurouni Kenshin are copyright/owned by Watsuki, Sony, and other corporate someones who aren’t me.
Meh... it's been a while, but school's out in May so just one more month til freedom! I've been editing my cosplay photos from Anime LA since I got some awesome group photos but the pool deck was way too crowded. All of them had lots of random con-goers in the background. Thank God for Photoshop! After finals, I plan to finish up my Izumi cosplay for AX. Her travel jacket is already half-done!

In fanfic related news, I've finished a couple oneshots. One is for RuroKen (a short n' sweet AoshixMisao moment) and the other for Inuyasha (Kagura character piece).

Until next time, enjoy June and Toph being badass girls together!Collapse )

Anime LA

I know it's short notice (I took a last minute trip to visit out-of-state family over the holidays), but I will be at Anime L.A. tomorrow in my June cosplay. Since I was gone for two weeks I didn't have time to really work on any new costumes. Oh well, if should still be fun! Izumi will just have to wait for the next con.